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Baby Yoga

butterfly-sm.pngOur Baby Yoga Courses

Movement is an essential part of a baby’s overall development, both mentally and physically. Varied movement helps to create vital brain connections, as well as strengthening muscles and joints. It has been proven that, for healthy development, babies need to experience the world in many different dimensions – forwards, backwards, upwards and downwards to enable postural reflexes to take over from the primitive reflexes they are born with. Baby Yoga provides this through gentle movements and postures specifically adapted for babies from traditional yoga postures.

Our Baby Yoga courses are perfect for complete beginners and are relaxing and rejuvenating for both baby and parent as well offering a fantastic opportunity for you to exercise together. Each week includes a new breathing and stretching exercises for parents, along with gentle movements and yoga postures for each area of baby’s body. Baby Yoga offers the opportunity for positive activity / play time for parents and their babies. As with all of our classes,they are baby-led, meaning that the needs of your baby always come first, so no pressure is placed on baby or child and we always give babies the opportunity to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to Baby Yoga and respect their non-verbal cues.

Our Baby Yoga courses provide a natural progression from our Baby Massage courses and although it is recommended that you attend a Baby Massage course prior to a Baby Yoga course, it is not essential.

The transition from Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a gentle, calm and relaxing course which focuses on the baby, teaching parents to become more attune to their baby’s non-verbal communication and helping to strengthen the trust bond and mutual understanding between the two. Massage is a perfect introduction to positive loving touch and creates a wonderful foundation for babies and parents to progress onto the more stimulating and active Baby Yoga course.

Physiological benefits for baby:

  • strengthens and improves muscle tone
  • maintains flexibility in the spine and joints
  • improves general functioning of the immune system
  • regulates and strengthens the digestive system
  • stimulates and balances the nervous system
  • stimulates the senses
  • helps with detoxification and circulation around the lymph system
  • stimulates the production of oxytocin (the hormone responsible for love and bonding, and associated with the ability to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships and healthy psychological boundaries with other people).

Baby Yoga can also:

  • be relaxing and calming, which can reduce the heart rate and lead to a better sleep pattern
  • help with general growth and development
  • support the development of the vestibular system
  • help the development of postural reflexes
  • enhance body awareness
  • increase babies ability to cope with future challenges.

Benefits for parent:

  • build confidence and competence in handling your infant
  • help you to understand your infant’s non-verbal cues
  • develop a feeling of closeness with your infant
  • heal after a difficult or traumatic birth
  • relax with your infant
  • improve your physical wellbeing as the session includes simple relaxation, breathing exercise and stretching exercises.



Upcoming Baby Yoga courses:

Our small, relaxed group courses are held in comfortable baby-friendly venues in Leicestershire. The 5 week course costs £45 and includes all the equipment you will need, free parking as well as refreshments and time for a chat each week.



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